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BIALOSTOSK--Mikhail Bakhtin
BIALOSTOSK--Mikhail Bakhtin

Foregrounding language and the utterance in the work of Mikhail Bakhtin and his colleague Valentin Voloshinov, MIKHAIL BAKHTIN: RHETORIC, POETICS, DIALOGICS, RHETORICALITY examines their insights against the background of the classical, predominantly Aristotelian, verbal liberal arts of rhetoric, dialectic, and poetics. First setting Bakhtinian dialogics against a narrow rhetoric aimed at winning over others, it goes on, drawing upon the school's earlier phenomenological and sociological writings, to elaborate a Bakhtinian discourse theory that sees all utterances as rhetorical in an expanded sense and poetry as an imitation of rhetorical utterance. BIALOSTOSKY invents a Bakhtinian dialogic criticism that he situates against such figures as Todorov, Gadamer, Rorty, and Booth and explores the potentials of Bakhtin-School thought for a revitalized rhetorical criticism

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