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30 COLOR CUBES • SO MANY GAMES Spectracube offers SIX different games, using a set of primary and a set of secondary color cubes. SPECTACULAR SHUFFLE Roll primary and secondary Spectracubes to create the highest scoring spectrum straights, pairs and 3 of a kind! Do you take the risk to roll again? GREEDY GRAB Be the quickest player to roll colors that match the center cubes and grab them! Roll again before other players and grab what’s left! YOU SCORE! There are so many ways to score in this game that you may think you’re way ahead of the competition! But watch out—a few quick rolls, and your competition could catch up! BLOTCH OUT! Try not to Blotch Out! Avoid the “Color Blotch” Spectracubes. Sound easy? Not so fast…You’ll learn a lot about chance in this game! RUMMY ROLL Quick eyes and fast rolls get you winning—as you place your Spectracubes into Rummy straights and sets! SPECTRA-SLAM! Roll the Spectra-Slam cubes to win. This game gets more intense as players approach the 15 point threshold to winning!

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