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Custom Academic Regalia

All Custom Regalia orders must be received by March 18th, in order to guarantee delivery in time for this year’s commencement.

Why Order your own Academic Regalia?

Every year, hundreds of educators discover the many advantages of owning their own caps, gowns and hoods. Convenience, of course, is partly responsible for this growing trend. Everyone appreciates having their regalia ready at a moments notice, for every academic ceremony, baccalaureate, convocation or speaking engagement. And owning means an end to ordering and returning countless rentals. There is also pleasure in looking your best with a gown that is custom tailored to your measurements, a perfect fit at all times. Owning also allows you the freedom to select a premium fabric not available in rental gowns while saving the cost of those repeated rentals. Your Oak Hall academic regalia is as personal to you as the honor it represents. Many colleges and universities have established their own distinctively different designs and colors for their academic regalia. Oak Hall has been privileged to assist many presidents, trustees, and regents in the design of special regalia for their school.


Custom Academic Hoods

Academic hoods are designed to represent your scholastic degree, discipline and Alma Mater. The official design of the academic hood has been specified by the American Council on Education. The velvet trim represents your discipline and the satin lining represents the official colors of your College or University.


Custom Academic Caps

The traditional mortarboard cap and dignified velvet tams are carefully tailored to complete your Oak Hall gown. Tams are available in eight, six and four corner styles. Choose from the traditional silky tassel or the Doctoral two button tassel which is available in the metallic or silky style.


Pitt Custom Regalia


Differs from Madison in the following ways:

  • Less pleating and detailed stitching
  • No right side slit to access trousers
  • No inner sleeve

Venture Material in dark blue

  • Material is highly stain and wrinkle resistant

Navy velvet panels and chevrons outlined in Pitt gold cording

$551.00 +tax



Venture material

  • Navy portion of hood

Exterior velvet color denotes degree

  • Phd - Royal Blue
  • EDD - Light Blue
  • J.D. - Purple

$150.00 +tax


Velvet Tam

  • Navy Velvet
  • 6-Corner
  • Attached 2-button gold silky tassel

$107.00 +tax


Academic Regalia Order Form Information

Custom regalia is available year-round in the Pitt Apparel and Gifts Department at The University Store on Fifth. Below you will find a link to order form in PDF format. Please email all orders to We will verify the form and call you if additional information is needed. Please call us at (800) 648-1451 if you need any assistance.

  • 4000 Fifth Avenue
  • Pittsburgh, PA 15213
  • 412-648-1455

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