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Image For Allen - Picturing America's National Parks

Allen - Picturing America's National Parks

Item Description

Picturing America’s National Parks brings together some of the finest landscape photography in the history of the medium, from America’s most magnificent and sacred environments. Photography has played an integral role in both the formation of the National Parks and in the depiction of America itself, through this natural resource. From Yosemite to the most recent 2013 addition of Pinnacles National Park in California, America’s National Parks have been enjoyed through photographs for over 150 years. This book traces that history and delights readers with stunning photographs of the best American landscapes. An informative essay from curator Jamie M. Allen unfolds the role of photography in promoting America’s national heritage, land conservation, and wildlife preservation. Featuring the historic work of masters such as Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, William Henry Jackson, Edward Weston, and Minor White, as well as contemporary greats such as Lee Friedlander, Stephen Shore, and Joel Sternfeld, this volume offers a powerful look at America’s National Parks and pays homage to a practice that has defined the way we see America, particularly the American West.

ISBN-10: 1597114529
ISBN-13: 9781597114523
Release Year: 2018
Publisher: Aperture

Item: 159711452

Price: $35.00


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Image For Barich - Long Way Home: On the Trail of Steinbeck's America

Barich - Long Way Home: On the Trail of Steinbeck's America

Item Description

An illuminated travelogue about the heart of the nation on the eve of historical change.

"We do not take a trip; a trip takes us," John Steinbeck noted in his 1962 classic, Travels with Charley. In 2008, Bill Barich decided to explore the mood of the United States as Steinbeck had done almost a half century before. He set off on a 5,943 mile cross-country drive from New York to his old hometown of San Francisco on Route 50, a road twisting through the American heartland.

Long Way Home is the stunning result of his pilgrimage. From the Eastern Shore of Maryland to the spectacular landscape of Moab, Utah, to Steinbeck's own Salinas Valley, the book is filled with memorable encounters and rich in history and local color; a truthful, inspired account of a once-in-a-lifetime trip. It offers an incisive portrait of a nation divided and the grassroots dissatisfaction that ultimately catapulted Donald Trump into the White House. From the Eastern Shore of Maryland to the spectacular landscape of Moab, Utah, to Steinbeck's own Salinas Valley, filled with memorable encounters and redolent with history and local color, Long Way Home is a truthful, inspiring account of the country at a social and political crossroad.

ISBN-10: 1510732470
ISBN-13: 9781510732476
Release Year: 2018
Publisher: Skyhorse

Item: 151073247

Price: $17.99


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Image For Barry - This Land: America, Lost and Found

Barry - This Land: America, Lost and Found

Item Description
In the wake of Hurricane Katrina and on the eve of a national recession, New York Times writer Dan Barry launched a column about America: not the one populated only by cable-news pundits, but the America defined and redefined by those who clean the hotel rooms, tend the beet fields, endure disasters both natural and manmade. As the name of the president changed from Bush to Obama to Trump, Barry was crisscrossing the country, filing deeply moving stories from the tiniest dot on the American map to the city that calls itself the Capital of the World. Complemented by the select images of award-winning Times photographers, these narrative and visual snapshots of American life create a majestic tapestry of our shared experience, capturing how our nation is at once flawed and exceptional, paralyzed and ascendant, as cruel and violent as it can be gentle and benevolent.

ISBN-10: 0316415510
ISBN-13: 9780316415514
Release Year: 2018
Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal

Item: 031641551

Price: $29.99


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Image For Butko - Greetings from the Lincoln Highway

Butko - Greetings from the Lincoln Highway

Item Description

The Lincoln Highway was the first continuous road to connect the coasts, allowing newly motorized Americans to cross the country by car. This book allows readers to travel across 100 years of the highway, from New York City to San Francisco.

The Lincoln Highway was the first continuous road to connect the coasts, allowing newly motorized Americans to cross the country by car. This book allows readers to travel across 100 years of the highway, from New York City to San Francisco, with stops at historic landmarks, bridges, taverns, movie palaces, diners, gas stations, ice cream stands, tourist cabins, and roadside attractions. Color maps and stories of the highway take readers through 14 states, with excerpts from memoirs and old postcards giving a feel for what early motoring was like--the good, the bad, and the muddy. The book is organized by state, with narrative information on what the original Lincoln Highway crossed through. There are historical tidbits and nostalgic details, along with information on what remains. This book is a useful treasure for travel planning and armchair reading.

ISBN-10: 1493041673
ISBN-13: 9781493041671
Release Year: 2019
Publisher: Globe Pequot

Item: 149304167

Price: $29.95


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Image For Fox - Northland

Fox - Northland

Item Description

“Romantic, urgent, valuable and appealing as hell.” —Andrew McCarthy, New York Times Book Review

Writer Porter Fox spent three years exploring 4,000 miles of the border between Maine and Washington, traveling by canoe, freighter, car, and foot. In Northland, he blends a deeply reported and beautifully written story of the region’s history with a riveting account of his travels. Setting out from the easternmost point in the mainland United States, Fox follows explorer Samuel de Champlain’s adventures across the Northeast; recounts the rise and fall of the timber, iron, and rail industries; crosses the Great Lakes on a freighter; and traces the forty-ninth parallel from Minnesota to the Pacific Ocean. He weaves in his encounters with residents, border guards, Indian activists, and militia leaders to give a dynamic portrait of the northland today, wracked by climate change, water wars, oil booms, and border security.

ISBN-10: 0393357090
ISBN-13: 9780393357097
Release Year: 2019
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

Item: 039335709

Price: $16.95


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Image For Kugel - Rediscovering Travel

Kugel - Rediscovering Travel

Item Description

An indispensable companion for rookie and veteran travelers alike that promises to revolutionize both how and why we vacation.

By captivating millions during his six-year, fifty-country tenure as the New York Times’s “Frugal Traveler,” Seth Kugel has become one of our most internationally beloved travel writers. While his famously unassuming journeys around the globe have forged a signature philosophy of whimsy and practicality, they have also revealed the seemingly infinite booby traps of on-the-grid tourism. In a book with widespread cultural reverberations, Kugel takes the modern travel industry to task, determined to reignite humanity’s age-old sense of adventure that has virtually been vanquished by the spontaneity-obliterating likes of Google Maps, TripAdvisor, and Starwood points. Woven throughout with vivid tales of his perfectly imperfect adventures, Rediscovering Travel explains—often hilariously—how to make the most of new digital technologies without being shackled to them. For the tight-belted tourist and the first-class flyer, the eager student and the comfort-seeking retiree, Kugel shows how we too can rediscover the joy of discovery.

ISBN-10: 0871408503
ISBN-13: 9780871408501
Release Year: 2018
Publisher: Liveright

Item: 087140850

Price: $26.95


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Image For Lea - Teardrop Traveler

Lea - Teardrop Traveler

Item Description

Stoke your sense of adventure and explore some of America’s most remote and picturesque locations!

After a 17-year career in photography stores, photographer Mandy Lea realized that her wanderlust had become overwhelming—so she left her secure job, hit the road out with her teardrop camper (now her full-time home), and set out to pursue freelance photography and maybe learn a thing or two about life. In this book, she takes you behind the scenes on some of her travels around the United States and shows how simplifying your life and redefining your definition of success can open the door to new worlds of beauty and awe. From towering peaks to delicate streams and wildflowers, Lea’s images will pique your desire for adventure and your appreciation for the incredible splendors of the natural world—which are ready and waiting for all of us to discover and enjoy! Mandy Lea travels the country in her teardrop trailer, photographing all she sees. She's spoken to large audiences all over the country, standing room only at a photography conference at the Javits in New York City, as well as Las Vegas, Nashville, and more!

ISBN-10: 1682033767
ISBN-13: 9781682033760
Release Year: 2018
Publisher: Amherst Media

Item: 168203376

Price: $24.95


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Image For Leavitt - Road Tripping

Leavitt - Road Tripping

Item Description

Imagine driving down an empty road in the middle of nowhere, your spouse asleep in the passenger seat, kids fighting in the back, two more hours to the next hotel you hope has a vacancy, you're struggling to keep your eyes open, and you can't remember the last time you ate. Just thinking about this would make even the most resilient parents second-guess the idea of taking their children on a long road trip. Is it really worth the trouble?

The truth is, any family can take a long road trip. All it takes is preparation, time behind the wheel, and determination to keep your family's spirits up, no matter the situation. In Road Tripping: A Parent's Guide to Planning and Surviving the Annual Car Trip, authors Loralee Leavitt and Rick Walton take you step-by-step through what you need to know to survive any situation as a family on the road. Not only do they help you decide what to pack, but they also provide resources on where to go, what to do, and how to get the best discounts. They even give tips for single parents who want to spend some quality time with their children, but aren't sure if they could do it alone.

So don't let that open road scare you. Take time to prepare, pack up the kids, and start out on your next, fun-filled adventure.

ISBN-10: 1939629047
ISBN-13: 9781939629043
Release Year: 2014
Publisher: Familius

Item: 193962904

Price: $12.95


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Image For Lewis - The Girl Outdoors

Lewis - The Girl Outdoors

Item Description

An adventure guide in book form, The Girl Outdoors offers support and knowledge, empowering the reader, whether she’s thinking about cycling the length of Vietnam or just needs help fixing her bike. Packed with stunning photography, the book is organized into four main parts:
· “Active Outdoors” shares the wildest activities on land and water and how to get started on everything from mountain biking to kayaking and night hiking to paddleboard yoga.
· “Wild Adventures” takes you further with your outdoor skills, from canoe camping to cycle touring, building your own wild house, and holding mini festivals.
· “Wild Cooking, Crafts, and Wellbeing” looks at the everyday wild lifestyle, including how to build a fire, forage, grow your own fruits and veggies, become a pro at outdoor photography, and keep up energy levels with delicious recipes.
· “Wanderlust” takes it further, providing advice on planning weekend and longer trips, essential equipment lists, and tips on long-term backpacking and traveling, as well as working and volunteering abroad.

Scattered throughout are enticing ideas for fabulous adventures all over the world, from canoe camping in Canada to hiking in the Arctic Circle. Whether it’s going on a physically demanding adventure or making cordial from homegrown flowers, this beautiful book is packed with inspiring and attainable ideas for the wild life.

ISBN-10: 1844865339
ISBN-13: 9781844865338
Release Year: 2018
Publisher: Conway

Item: 184486533

Price: $22.00


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Image For Medley - The Complete Guidebook to Yosemite National Park

Medley - The Complete Guidebook to Yosemite National Park

Item Description

This guidebook has become a gold-standard reference for Yosemite visitors.

In addition to things to see and do in the major regions of Yosemite, this guidebook also provides reservation information and dining options, suggests hikes and excursions at any level of desired activity, promotes safe enjoyment of the park, and covers major and little-known natural features. Also included are information on roads and gateway communities, tips on how to reserve a campsite or lodging, photos of flora and fauna, and important phone numbers, emails, and web sites, and updated maps. New to this eighth edition are:
•connectivity and technology information;
•a "Hike Smart" safety section with loads of tips;
•all new photographs.

ISBN-10: 1930238819
ISBN-13: 9781930238817
Release Year: 2018
Publisher: Yosemite Conservancy

Item: 193023881

Price: $14.99


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Image For Perkins - National Parks

Perkins - National Parks

Item Description

Explore the vast wild spaces and history of America’s fifty-nine national parks

When Yellowstone National Park was founded on March 1, 1872, it became not only the first national park in the country, it was the first such entity in the world. Over the next 140 years, additional parks were added from coast to coast as a direct result of citizen voices demanding that special places to be preserved for everyday Americans and visitors from around the world. In the words of writer and historian Wallace Stegner, the national parks are “the best idea we ever had. Absolutely American, absolutely democratic, they reflect us at our best rather than our worst.” In this book, each of the system’s 59 parks are explored through dynamic photos that reveal the landscape, plants, animals, and history that make them unique—along with the challenges scientists and rangers face in preserving these pristine wild spaces for generations to come.

ISBN-10: 168203366X
ISBN-13: 9781682033661
Release Year: 2018
Publisher: Amherst Media

Item: 168203366

Price: $24.95


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Image For Ratay - Don't Make Me Pull Over!

Ratay - Don't Make Me Pull Over!

Item Description

The birth of America’s first interstate highways in the 1950s hit the gas pedal on the road trip phenomenon and families were soon streaming—sans seatbelts!—to a range of sometimes stirring, sometimes wacky locations. In the days before cheap air travel, families didn’t so much take vacations as survive them. Between home and destination lay thousands of miles and dozens of annoyances, and with his family Richard Ratay experienced all of them—from being crowded into the backseat with noogie-happy older brothers, to picking out a souvenir only to find that a better one might have been had at the next attraction, to dealing with a dad who didn’t believe in bathroom breaks.

Now, decades later, Ratay offers “an amiable guide…fun and informative” (New York Newsday) that “goes down like a cold lemonade on a hot summer’s day” (The Wall Street Journal). In hundreds of amusing ways, he reminds us of what once made the Great American Family Road Trip so great, including twenty-foot “land yachts,” oasis-like Holiday Inn “Holidomes,” “Smokey”-spotting Fuzzbusters, twenty-eight glorious flavors of Howard Johnson’s ice cream, and the thrill of finding a “good buddy” on the CB radio.

An “informative, often hilarious family narrative [that] perfectly captures the love-hate relationship many have with road trips” (Publishers Weekly), Don’t Make Me Pull Over! reveals how the family road trip came to be, how its evolution mirrored the country’s, and why those magical journeys that once brought families together—for better and worse—have largely disappeared.

ISBN-10: 1501188755
ISBN-13: 9781501188756
Release Year: 2019
Publisher: Scribner

Item: 150118875

Price: $17.00


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Image For Rochfort - Women Who Hike

Rochfort - Women Who Hike

Item Description

A celebration of athleticism, wisdom, and skill—Women Who Hike profiles over twenty of America’s most inspiring women adventurers ranging from legends to the rising stars of today. The book is both inspirational and aspirational as each adventurer tells her story in her own words through featuring their favorite hike, highlighting personal challenges, accomplishments, and philosophy, as well as providing readers with practical how-to suggestions on maximizing not only their own potential in hiking but in life. The profiles are complemented by stunning color photographs. Each profile includes a map of the hike being profiled, hike specs, miles and directions, GPS coordinates to the trailhead, and a sidebar of something noteworthy about the hike, the location, or the adventurer.

ISBN-10: 1493037137
ISBN-13: 9781493037131
Release Year: 2019
Publisher: Falcon Guides

Item: 149303713

Price: $24.95


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Image For Turk - You Are Home

Turk - You Are Home

Item Description

Award-winning author and illustrator Evan Turk showcases the beauty and importance of the National Parks in this gorgeous picture book that takes readers on an amazing tour across the United States.

Beneath the soaring doorways of stone,
and peaks that pierce the ceiling of clouds,
from every river, star, and stone
comes the eternal refrain:
you are home.

In simple, soaring language and breathtaking art, acclaimed author-illustrator Evan Turk has created a stirring ode to nature and nation. From the rugged coast of Maine to the fiery volcanoes of Hawaii, You Are Home reminds us that every animal, plant, and person helps make this land a brilliant, beautiful sanctuary of life.

ISBN-10: 1534432825
ISBN-13: 9781534432826
Release Year: 2019
Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers

Item: 153443282

Price: $18.99


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